Unlock Blacklisted Samsung

After unlock working SIM

Timeframe: 10 working days

Work worldwide!

IMEI or Serial Number

Unlock Blacklisted Samsung

Unlock  is a service to Unlock your  Device Blacklisted  ( Factory reset ).

Work worldwide!


What Is a Blacklisted Phone?

A blacklisted Phone is one that has been blocked, i.e. reported as stolen or lost, or which have unpaid bills, for obvious reasons. When it is blacklisted, it prevents you from using any wireless carriers until it is removed from the list.

The blacklist is a shared carrier database which was made to solve the Phone theft problem and help users identify if a second-hand Phone has previously been reported as lost or stolen.

It is based on the IMEI number, which is uniquely connected to that device. This makes it easier for carriers to track lost or stolen Phones and lock them out from networks. What’s more, it also helps customers to check if a used Phone is worth purchasing.

Who Decides Which Phones are Blacklisted?

While it seems Apple would have the autonomy to blacklist an iPhone, this isn’t the case. Apple doesn’t blacklist iPhones due to their policy of not handling stolen devices. It’s up to phone carriers, such as AT&T or Verizon, to report stolen or lost phones.

The iPhone’s IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) allows phone carriers to identify the phone. If someone reports the iPhone as stolen, lost, or if it contains unpaid balances and bills, the phone carrier will label the IMEI number as blacklisted. Only the phone carriers can remove an IMEI number off the blacklist.

How Blacklisting Affects You

Blacklisted Phones cannot access other phone carriers and therefore will not be activated until a phone carrier removes it from the list. Since blacklist reports are internationally monitored and traced, Phones that are blacklisted cannot avoid foreign systems of trade.


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Unlock Blacklisted Service


How to proceed
Step 1: Select your Service. ( Unlock Blacklisted )
Step 2: Enter your  IMEI or ( Serial number for wifi model )
Step 4: Add to cart
Step 5: Proceed to checkout
Step 6: Pay with your credit card or Bitcoin
Step 7: After maximum 10 days your idevice is unlocked. (We will contact you by email with the final instructions)

Blacklisted Unlock  works

Unlock Blacklisted Compatible Device series:

Galaxy Z

Galaxy S

Galaxy Note

Galaxy A

Galaxy M

Galaxy J

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